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Music Inspires the way we love. It marks moments and event in our lives and serves as markers on our hearts for our story. Chrystal’s music tells the story of life, love, romance, hope and loss. Her voice is rich with sweet sorrow of broken hearts and revived with the brokenness become whole again. She was raised in a Nazarene church her whole life with a strong heritage of faith. Yet her prodigal heart wondered a treacherous path only to discover the path lead her back home.

Her early songs helped heal her broken heart and they were well received by her fellow musicians and bandmates. Songs she wrote were nominated for 9 NM music awards, with additional nominations for songs featuring her vocals. Two of her songs won the coveted Americana and Folk Music Awards in 2010 and 2011. She won the Santa Fe Bluegrass Festival Vocal Contest in 2013 and the Red River Bluegrass Festival Songwriting Contest in 2017.

In 2017 Chrystal began working as a solo artist. Recording and producing music from her home studio. Her songs have grown up with her as she tells the stories of life, love. marriage and hope. She can be seen weekly singing at her home church in the praise team and choir.

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