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I received a call from the nicest, most purposeful, and highly educated acupuncturist in Albuquerque. She had a wonderful vision for her business and a wonderful history of success in Tennessee. In Tennessee she was one of a handful of acupuncturists. In Albuquerque, the market is quite a bit more saturated. It is becoming increasingly difficult to set yourself apart as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine in Albuquerque. Especially as a solo entrepreneur or “solopreneur”.

I was very excited about this project from the beginning. This client has a vision for her business and she is very sentimental over things that have meaning to her. She loves symbolism and so we began incorporating them into her concept from the beginning.

In our phone consultation, she mentioned she does Japanese style acupuncture. I knew immediately that we needed to incorporate a clean minimal style website with natural elements. For our first meeting, I brought books for us to look over from Japanese Architecture to Japanese cook books and books on Japanese tea ceremonies. I even found beautiful minimalist packaging from popular products in Japan for us to draw inspiration from.

We were working with her existing business name – “Healing Soul Transformations”. I could never remember her business name and I found myself looking at her file over and over again to remember what the name of her business was. I thought… there has to be a better word. There was… the Japanese language has the most beautiful words to describe the most beautiful concepts. I began looking up Japanese words that described transformation, healing, healing the spirit, and changing directions.

Then I found it- the word “Kintsugi”.

Over and over again Christine kept telling me that people come to her to find purpose in their lives when things were turning out differently that they anticipated. As if they were broken somehow and they were looking for something or someone to put them back together. She told me that her customers have found a new purpose in a new life… different than the lives they had before, but somehow better.

“Kinstugi” is the art of healing broken pottery with gold. Therefore making the piece of clay more beautiful and more valuable for having been broken.

It was the perfect name for her business! And the domain was available!!! I was beyond excited at this moment… I very nearly purchased the domain before talking to her… but it is after all, her business to name, not mine.¬†

I presented the idea of changing the name of her business to “Kintsugi Acupuncture”. She loved it, but she had been “Healing Souls Transformations” for so long. I told her it was absolutely ok for her to think about it. For me, a “NO” from a client means there is an even better idea around the corner. She came around and we bought the domain for her business!

 After we came up with the concept for her business, the ideas began to flow. She has named each one of her healing sessions a beautiful Japanese word. Our favorite treatment is the Kokoro Session. Kokoro is Japanese for connecting mind, body and spirit.

The logo design for this client was deeply spiritual for her. She loves dragonflies and ginkgo leaves because of the symbolism these items present in her life. Dragonfly is the symbol for transformation and the Ginkgo leaf is the symbol for longevity and hope. So we created a beautiful logo that had deep meaning for our client. It combined the ginkgo leaf circle with a water color dragonfly sitting just below the ginkgo leaf… as if a sun of hope is rising above transformation.

The logo was delivered in multiple colors- including black for simple printing on forms and simple letterhead. White for placing over images and graphics as not to detract from the image of graphic being conveyed. She also requested the logo with a large ginkgo leaf and the dragonfly above the ginkgo leaf circle. We included text in this logo concept so clients could quickly see the types of services our client offered in a beautiful way. The client requested multiple colors so she could change her logo with the seasons. We were happy to offer that for her!

One of the best decisions this client made was to include photography in her web design package. We took photos of her in her beautiful office and provided guidance on clothing choice to match the concept of the web design. We also took photography of her instruments, tools and various other books and objects that give her website a very personalized feel rather than using stock photos.

During the photography session, she began demonstrating some of the tools she uses for her sessions- in particular her tuning forks and singing bowls she uses during her healing sessions. I grabbed my phone and recorded the beautiful sounds her Tibetan singing bowls were creating as she demonstrated. If I had it to do over again- I would have brought my video camera and my audio recording equipment to capture the sounds. However, this is not in the clients budget at this time, so we used the video I captured on my phone on her website to help demonstrate the alternative techniques this client uses for her customers to view!

The photography for this client helped capture unique elements of her business and presents her business in a unique way that sets her apart from other Albuquerque Acupucnturists. The logo was a deeply profound, unique choice for this client. The minimalist website that has been optimized for SEO and added in google analytics so we can measure the success of organic searches. For this clients budget, it was best that we used wix for this website, so she could easily handle some updates and changes on her own while she builds her Albuquerque Acupuncture Practice.

Blog material was by the client, but was formatted by us for her website so she could generate traffic through Facebook, Pinterest and Google+. Each page of her blog includes a brief bio of the client and links back to her homepage for clients to easily find her when one of her blog articles is share.

I hope to report back in 6 months how this website worked for our client. The collaborative process in generating this website for this client was an absolute dream! We worked well together and this client met every deadline set forth for her so that her website was finished in a timely process. We even got to the point where she could anticipate what I was going to ask for next, and she would send it… so most the time, I never even needed to ask her! Talk about a dream web design client! If she is this great to work with as a client, I can’t even imagine how great she would be to work with as a customer!